AGM UPDATE - July 24, 2017

Hi everyone.

A quick note to let everyone know about our Annual General Meeting to be held on August the 11th. Doors open and meeting starts at 7pm.

Executive Royal Suites.
Leduc Alberta
8450 Sparrow Dr.

PH: 1-780-986-1840

Please reply if you can and let us know if you plan on attending as it helps us plan the venue better. Please find below the agenda for the meeting. Hope to see you all there.


Atacama Annual General Meeting
Edmonton, Alberta, 7:00PM, August 11, 2017


1.    Introductions (Chairman, Don Swartz )
a.    President/CEO
b.    Vice president/COO
c.    CFO
d.    Director
e.    Good2Drive  President
f.     MGIS President (Good2Drive Program Manager)
g.    Chris Outwater (Inventor and initial developer)
h.    Allan Flasch (Good2Drive Operations Manager)
i.      Michael McGrail (US Sales Manager)
j.      Denise Hughes (Canadian Sales Manager)

2.    Financial review (Bill Webb)
a.    Explanation of audits and how they work
b.    Corporate financing methods in a public company
c.    Atacama financials

3.    The stock exchange and Atacama Resources (Bill Webb)
a.    Symbol ACRL
b.    OTCQB, DTC, DWAC, etc.
c.    Importance of ACRL shareholder involvement

4.    Good2Drive (Marc Guindon)
a.    Development process and present status
b.    G2d functionality
c.    Working with legacy fleet management systems

5.    Good2Drive (Dan Finch)
a.    Importance of shareholder supporting Good2Drive
b.    Sample G2D collateral
c.    Current G2D Project Tracker
d.    Marketing, sales strategies
e.    Projected income from the app
f.     New product introduction – Senior Guard

6.    Mining (Glenn Grant)
a.    Review all properties
b.    Introduce development methods
c.    Share financing needs
d.    Share schedule of development

7.    Question/Answer period. (Chairman, CEO)
a.    Any other old business
b.    Any other new business




Glenn Grant