The other day, General Motors announced that they are closing down a number of their North American plants and laying off thousands of employees.  One of the reasons given was that in the future the Company will be focusing on assembling a number of different varieties of electric vehicles to meet the evolving  world wide market for emission free cars and trucks. Many other auto manufacturers are making similar claims. Nations the world over are transitioning to electric vehicles. China has numerous electric car plants operating and under construction.  General Motors is simply one player, among many, taking giant steps to met the future demand for these fossil -free fuel  vehicles. However, all of these plants producing electric vehicles will require batteries, each of which in turn will require copious amounts of cobalt and graphite. The market for these commodities is exploding. Supply simply cannot begin to meet this new demand.Electric vehicle production plants are ramping up worldwide. The world wide demand for cobalt and graphite makes a strong case  for Atacama Resource International to focus its efforts in developing both its Northern Ontario cobalt property as well as it's graphite property.  Its an opportunity for Atacama to join with General Motors, Tesla Motors and others to be part of this accelerating world wide trend of the future.

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Glenn Grant