I hear it every day, especially living in Canada's Oil PATCH. "Nobody wants to drive an electric truck or car". Nothing could be further from the truth. Electric vehicles(EV's) sales are skyrocketing and the pace is accelerating by the day. Five, that's 5, million EVs have already been sold. Countries worldwide are taking aggressive steps to expedite the transition to electric vehicles(EVs).  650,000 EVs are on China's roads already representing 40% of global sales. It has set a goal of 1/5 of it's 35 million sales annually  to be EVs within six years and knowing China, it will likely exceed that goal. India's target is that all its vehicle sales should be EVs within 15 years.  Exon-Mobil and BP both forecast 100,000,000 EVs within 20 years. OPEC has set the number at 266,000,000.  The EU is currently considering a total ban on diesel and gas powers vehicles.  The UK and France are committed to banning the same vehicles by 2040. Only EVs will be available in these countries. Today,  1/3 of all vehicle sales in Norway are EVs and we all acknowledge that Norway is a world leader in these issues.

The USA is going gang busters in supporting EVs. Not at the national level but at the state level. US automakers are planning to debut more that 100 different EV models by 2022. That is only four years away. California is the leading state to support EVs with already 400,000 registered on it's highways. The following states have also taken steps to support the transition over to EVs-Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, New York, Maryland, Utah, Virginia, Massachusetts, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Minnesota and Louisiana.  You see what is happening right before our eyes.  The world is fast transitioning over to EVs and we at Atacama wish to be part of the plan.

All EVs require cobalt and graphite for their electric storage batteries.  There are NO producing cobalt or graphite mines the USA and only one graphite mine in Canada which is quickly running out of ore. Atacama is developing it's properties with both of these "STRATEGIC" commodities. Why not become part of the transition?

Glenn Grant