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Infographic: The Top 10 Reasons Investors Should Look at Cobalt

The CEO Ramblings that I have been sending out have resulted in a good amount of feedback, which I value. It has become clear to me that those reading my ramblings are either active investors or potential investors. All are seeking additional information about Atacama. Many queries are about COBALT, which is one of the deposits we are currently exploring..  To many people this appears to be a rather unknown mineral. In past Ramblings I have made an effort to explain just why the Company decided to pursue this product - largely because of the key role it will play in lithium-ion battery manufacturing for electric vehicles, for solar and wind energy storage, for smartphones, etc. Having been designated as a "Strategic Mineral" has made cobalt an attractive new investment product. The following article goes a long way to elaborate why you will be hearing a lot about cobalt in the immediate future and a number of reasons why you may wish to include it in your investment portfolio.

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Glenn Grant