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With turmoil rampant, gold targets $1,300 as gloomy 2019 beckons |

Gold is closing out 2018 with a flourish.

As one looks around the world, 2018 is closing on a rather low note although not news is all bad news. Let me explain.

The US Government is shut down. Political confusion is the order of the day. Panic and fear reigns at the southern border with Mexico. Mexico has a new left-wing President and a new left-wing Congress. Venezuela is in turmoil and people are fleeing. Central America is violent and essentially non-functioning. Much of the Middle east is devastated by war and ongoing fighting and violence abounds. China's economy is slowing down and its trade wars with the USA has everyone guessing. Russia is a bully on the world stage causing disruption. Europe is floundering, and

is about to happen with totally unknown results but likely not good. Japan is going nowhere. Much of Africa is struggling and some states are essentially non-viable. Corruption is the reality. In the past, when there was so much uncertainty around the globe, people usually sought stability for themselves in the form of gold. Gold is real. Gold is safe. I believe that this all means that the demand for gold is about to increase in the months ahead and yet the number of new gold mines coming on stream in the next few years remains relatively meek. The good news in all of this is that Atacama has three very promising GOLD properties in what is known as the Canadian Gold Camp in the mining friendly Province of Ontario. As per the attached article, all this year end gloom and doom could be good news for current and future good investors and be good for Atacama. Glenn Grant, CEO,   

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Glenn Grant