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The Canadian Ghost Town That Tesla Is Bringing Back to Life

Renewed demand for cobalt the metal is breathing new life into Cobalt the town.

Could the Electric Car Company TESLA be Atacama's very best friend? YES

COBALT is clearly the mining story of the day. It has been designated as a STRATEGIC MINERAL by both the USA Government as well as the European Union.  Canada's major cobalt deposit is found in what is commonly called THE COBALT CAMP which is located north of the Canadian city of Toronto in the mining friendly province of Ontario. The Camp is surrounded by mining communities providing all of the necessary mining infrastructure needed to open producing cobalt mines. The demand for cobalt is being driven by the emerging electric vehicle sector which is picking up pace worldwide. In North America, while all the auto companies are developing electric models for this new market, the leader at the moment is clearly TESLA. All of them, including TESLA, require electrical storage batteries which in turn requires cobalt as a key component. Right in the very center of the Cobalt Camp are the cobalt claims held by Atacama. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I have included an article describing the Cobalt Camp for your consideration. CEO, Glen  Grant.

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Glenn Grant