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Congo triples levy on cobalt with strategic-minerals decree |

Congo is Africa's top copper producer and mines more than 60 percent of the world's cobalt

 Over the past few weeks in the "CEO Ramblings" that I have been sending out, as well as on the  web site. I have referred to the fact the most of the world's supply of cobalt comes from the Congo, Africa. It is one of the most unstable parts of the world. The Government is corrupt, there is no rule of law, the courts are corrupt, lawlessness is prevalent, child labour is exploited, armed militias run freely, the economy  is in chaos, bribery is everywhere, etc…  It is a terrible place to do business and now the Government of the Congo is increasing the royalties on cobalt. Why now? The Congo has now realized that cobalt has been declared a "STRATEGIC MINERAL" by the USA and the EU.  

Does all this not make the case that the exploration and development of Atacama's cobalt properties should be made an Immediate priority?

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Glenn Grant