VW says last generation of combustion engines to be launched in 2026 |

The German carmaker is now committed to radical steps to stop global warming.

Is this not an optimal moment for Atacama to be part of a movement that is about to change much of the world?  The world is quickly adopting a future reflected by electric vehicles(EVs) and Atacama wants to be part of this change. Atacama has both GRAPHITE and COBALT Projects underway in Northern Ontario. Both of these products are central to the production of batteries for both EVs and hybrid vehicles. Just as an aside, the mining trucks used underground in the Kirkland Lake Gold mines are all EVs.  As described in the attached article, The Volkswagen Group, one of the largest auto manufactures in the world plans to abandon the combustion engine in its new models within a few years. All their vehicles sold will depend on electric batteries.  All of them. Companies mining COBALT and GRAPHITE should be supplying the minerals needed to meet future demand.

Glenn Grant