CEO RAMBLINGS - December 9, 2018

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We wish for Atacama to be a Company of the future

I am often asked by people interested in Atacama Resources International Inc. why the Board of Directors decided to develop properties focusing on deposits of COBALT and GRAPHITE. There were actually many reasons. First, they are deposits with excellent mining infrastructure already in place. Also, there are no cobalt mines in the US and no graphite mines either. Early exploration work provided very encouraging results. Both have been designated as being "STRATEGIC " by the US Government and by the European Union  because they are used in the manufacturing of electrical storage batteries and therefore crucial as countries reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. This move to renewable energy sources for the generation of electricity is well underway. In fact, some countries such as Iceland, Paraguay, Albania, Sweden, etc. already receive 100% of their electricity from only renewable resources such as wind, solar, and geo-thermal. Others such as Norway gets 97%, Costa Rica gets 99%, Scotland gets 99%, Germany gets 78%, Uruguay gets 95%, Nicaragua is to reach 90% within two years as will Morocco.  Morocco has the world's largest solar power plant. The USA boasts the second highest installed wind energy capacity in the world, after China. The US solar industry today employs three times more people than coal mining. Kenya has Africa's largest wind farm with geo-thermal energy representing 54% of the country's energy mix. Even in India, solar and wind power generates 90% of all new energy growth. Many  people may not be aware as to just how fast the world is changing when it comes to transitioning over to reliable renewable energy sources ALL REQUIRING STORAGE BATTERIES which means that global demand for COBALT and GRAPHITE(crucial in the manufacturing of energy storage batteries) is about to soar. I want Atacama to be part of the solution.

Glenn Grant