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As Congo Election Nears, Rioters Storm an Ebola Center and Unrest Grows

Delays of long-anticipated elections to replace President Joseph Kabila are adding to insecurity in a region plagued by an Ebola outbreak and militia violence.

I am especially proud to say that the development of our Atacama cobalt property, located dead center in what is known as Canada's COBALT CAMP, is one of our Company's priorities as we begin 2019. I believe that the timing of this cobalt property development could not be better, for four  main reasons. One, the global demand for cobalt is expanding by the day as a result of the fact that cobalt is an important component for the storage batteries of electric vehicles. Second, cobalt has been designated as a "strategic mineral" by both the USA and the EU. Third, the Atacama cobalt property and the entire Cobalt Camp region is located in "mining country" with all the necessary mining infrastructure in place. The fourth reason is the big one. 60% of the world's cobalt currently is sourced in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Most of its 82 million inhabitants live in abject poverty. it is one of the most impoverished nations on earth. As a result of years of corrupt and violent governments the country is a social, political, cultural and economic "basket case". Lawlessness and recklessness are the order of the day along with corrupt courts and 100 heavily armed militias rampaging the countryside. Less than 2% of roads are paved. Less than 10% of the population have access to electricity. 1% have any access to financial services. I could go on and on but I am sure that you get the picture. It is time for the world to move to new sources of cobalt. Corrupt politicians and their cronies make millions from the mines operating there while the people are treated like trash and receive next to nothing. Cobalt demand worldwide in increasing and the Canadian COBALT CAMP can help the world to meet this demand. Atacama's claims are located right in the middle of the Camp. Right time and right place? You bet. I am Glenn Grant, CEO of

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Glenn Grant