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Dear Shareholders,

I am pleased to respond to the question most asked by Atacama Shareholders over the last several months.  “When is Atacama Resources going to file its financials for 2017 and 2018 to achieve current filer status.”  The board of directors of Atacama Resources has determined that it is in the best interest of the company to file its financials with OTC Markets with unaudited financials. 

The company has become a member of OTCIQ, the arm of OTC Markets that manages the filing process for OTC public companies.  All filings will undergo the same accounting accuracy as those of audited financials.  Before any financials are submitted to OTCIQ, the filing is submitted to our SEC attorney for review to ensure accuracy and compliance with all rules governing public companies.  Upon sign off by our SEC attorney, Atacama will file.

The company expects to file the 2017 financial report before the end of January.  That information will be posted and certain disclaimers will be removed by OTC Markets in any references to ACRL.  The quarterly financials for 2018 through September 30, 2018 will be completed and filed as soon as the information can be collected and the numbers confirmed for accuracy.  This will take several weeks.  The year end 2018 filing is not due until March 2019.  We expect to achieve ‘current filer’ status by early February.

The entire Atacama team considers ‘getting current’ as a top priority and we are extending all efforts to achieve that goal.

Until the next CEO Ramblings, this is Glenn Grant,

Glenn Grant