China Adds Powerful Graphene Armor to Z-10 Assault Helicopters

You may recall from previous ramblings that Atacama is developing a major graphite deposit.  Graphene comes from graphite. Graphene, many claim, is about to revolutionize military hardware worldwide. The Pentagon and NATO forces call it a wonder material. Thinner than a sheet of paper, 200 times stronger than steel means that it can be used for body Armour that will be stronger than diamonds. It offers unlimited military and aerospace applications. It has the highest potential to revolutionize military capabilities over the next decade. It can be used to completely absorb radar rays making aircraft, rockets, ships, planes, subs, etc. virtually undetectable. Naturally most of this research is classified but you can see its applicability to much of the civilian world. The demand for graphite worldwide is about to explode. I want Atacama to play a major role in in the development of this new wonder material called graphene. Military research is exploding everywhere re this new product as the attached article indicates.  I am Glenn Grant. CEO of

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Glenn Grant