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30 ways graphene is about to change your life

I have been totally inundated with calls and emails over the past few days from investors asking why I am so keen to develop our graphite holdings and why I am so keen on the future of graphite and graphene. I appreciate that most of the world is unaware of the importance of these two commodities but this is what Atacama is all about. We want to be part of the future,not the past. GRAPHENE, which is derived from graphite, is considered to be the material of the future. IT is truly a wonder material. IT IS REVOLUTIONIZING THE FUTURE. Check the article which I have attached for your edification and you will see what I mean. Graphene is about to remake much of the world as we know it . We at Atacama wish to be part of this exciting new trend. I am Glenn Grant, CEO of

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Glenn Grant