My CEO Ramblings are intended to enlighten our interested shareholders and other friends of the company about Atacama Resources and the progress the company is making in the global mining business.  Our focus is on gold, cobalt and graphite and the company could not be in a better place to capitalize on these strategic materials going forward.

However, today’s Ramblings is released to clear the air regarding the company’s position on a variety of topics.  The investor boards have been very active recently with both negative and positive news.  The comments on the boards are completely unsubstantiated and the company needs to set the record straight.

Atacama Resources is not selling ACRL shares on the market.

Atacama Resources has not signed a convertible debt instrument in over a year.  Any recent conversions from debt to shares have been mandated by conversion rights set up over a year ago.  The company had hoped to pay off the debt but funds were not available and the debt holders exercised their right to convert.

Atacama Resources is not going to increase or decrease the company’s Authorized Shares.

Atacama Resources is not signing any new convertible debt notes.

Finally, Atacama Resources is on track to file the company’s 2017 annual financial report with OTC Markets in a matter of days.  The company’s outside accountant will then immediately work on the 2018 quarterly financials and those will be filed as soon as possible.  The 2018 year end financials are not due until late march 2019 and Atacama Resources will be considered current after the 2018 quarterlies are filed.   Keep in mind that our SEC attorney will review both the financials and associated notes to provide the necessary legal opinion that is part of the filing process.

I hope that I have made the company’s position clear.  Obviously, the company has nothing to do with the investor boards but we have an obligation to refute incorrect statements, whether intentional or not, to protect the reputation of the company.  Malicious statements are sometimes noted and these statements cannot go unchallenged.

Until next time, this is Glenn Grant, CEO Atacama Resources.

Glenn Grant