CEO RAMBLINGS - 25, 2019


Gold and commodities set to soar in 2019

The DAVOS  meetings in Switzerland this week are good news for Atacama. Let me explain why. Every year at this time the world's movers and shakers meet to attempt to determine what the upcoming years economy will be. Last year was totally optimistic. All looked good. This year things really quite different. The mood is one of pessimism. The President of China is not attending as his economy is in the worst slump for the past 20 years. President Trump is not there as his Government is partially closed down and not functioning. President Macron of France is dealing with violence and protests on the streets of Paris, The PM of the UK is dealing with Brexit. The President of India is in a political fight for his life. Climate change, income inequality, tech change, globalization, high debt levels, populism, etc all pose a threat to the world order. These are unstable times unquestionably. Investors are looking to a safe haven to put their money. Many think GOLD is the answer. The World Gold Council, as well as Goldman Sacks, are totally bullish on gold. They predict that gold should reach at least a value of $1425/ oz later this year. All this is to explain why Atacama is focusing on developing it's major gold properties this spring. For further clarification, check the article I have attached. I am Glenn Grant, CEO of www.acrlintl.Com.

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Glenn Grant