CEO RAMBLINGS - January 29, 2019

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Battery makers descend on Australia, Canada cobalt developers

The Research Branch of Atacama works especially hard to keep Board members informed of the very latest developments and changes associated with the Company’s mining exploration and development work.. As I have outlined in earlier Ramblings the end users of cobalt are very concerned that 60% of cobalt production is currently done in the Democratic Republic of Congo which is well known for its extensive corruption and violence. Miners in the know predict that within five years the DRC will be producing 75% of the world's cobalt if new cobalt mines fail to be brought on stream. Cobalt users world wide are becoming desperate for new cobalt mines in places like Canada. This offers Companies like Atacama a wonderful opportunity to proceed full bore to develop their cobalt properties. For more along these lines check out the attached article. I am Glenn Grant, CEO of

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Glenn Grant