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It is time to clarify all the gossip created by Suvorov.

I know this person and have met him personally

As to my capability as the CEO of Atacama my capabilities speak for themselves as I have owned my own business for 35 plus years and have managed multiple major projects locally and internationally. My experience in mining has been limited to 6 years put project management is universal in process which in my opinion qualifies my position.

Atacama had interaction with Suvorov regarding property that he claimed to own but our due diligence indicated that the title to the claims was in dispute.  We walked away from those discussions.

Atacama has documents in hand and associated maps that clearly record nine core holes being drilled at Atacama 1.  A mining shaft was put down beside one of the drill holes and was actually mined.  Extensive records prove that a small mining camp was established.

There was no requirement for cores to be reported to the Ontario Mines Commission until 1936 and 43-101 reporting did not exist when these holes were drilled. 

Atacama will be 43-101 compliant on all developments going forward.

Atacama did drill two holes on the Atacama 1 property and the results were strong enough to indicate further studies.  Those studies will resume when the snow melts this spring.

A ‘hotspot’ was identified on Atacama 1 in 2015 but the geologist in charge at the time, did not drill there.  There is controversy as to the reason other locations were picked for diamond drilling.

The geologist hired Suvorov’s son to do the on site reporting and he was paid in full with cash.

The geologist was paid in stock in full for his services.

The drillers are still owed and will be paid when funding is in place.

Contrary to the extremely negative and even slanderous remarks constantly being made by Suvorov, I have never made claims regarding having reserves in place.  I have talked about potential reserves that are considered possible based on information of previous work done on the property.

The newly discovered Todoro assay report and maps are authentic even though  the company has no core samples.  With the exact location of all nine holes confirmed with casings that are still in place, our geologists are developing the project to incorporate the latest scientific exploration methods and will implement them later this spring when the snow has melted. The assay results from the Todoro holes will be confirmed and improved using modern techniques.

Fact: Atacama actually has the properties it claims to have, confirmed by documentation at the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.

Fact: There are reports written by third party geologists on work done on Atacama 1 and the Cobalt property.

Fact: Atacama has extensive core samples bought and paid for in storage ready for our geologists to evaluate and assay for the graphite property.  We will prepare a 43-101 report when finished.

Fact: Atacama 2 and 3 shows signs of high gold concentrations and will be developed in 2019.

Fact: Atacama 1 has the ultimate location for development with good road access, excellent rail and power source and perfect accommodations being so close to Kirkland Lake. Economics make it the priority for development.

As the CEO of Atacama I can assure our shareholders that we will only give out appropriate and factual information regarding our company.  Our mandate is to make sure all our investors are given accurate and true information.

This is Glenn Grant, CEO of Atacama Resources.  Until next time.

Glenn Grant