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Fortune Minerals commits to hire locally at Canada’s first primary cobalt mine |

As I have mentioned in earlier Ramblings, our research department has been unable to locate any primary cobalt mines in the USA and now the first primary cobalt mine is scheduled to open in Canada in the early 2020s. It has many challenges to overcome if it is to be successful. it is located NW of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories in Canada's far north where it is dark for much of the year. It must build its own town-site for its employees and must build a road through the tundra to connect the mine with the outside world. Once it gets into production it will have to truck the cobalt concentrate for over 1,000 miles, or nearly 2,000 kilometers, to be processed. An ore body located "in the middle of nowhere" has many major challenges. Compare this to Atacama's cobalt play located a few miles from the mining town of Cobalt, Ontario, adjacent to a major provincial paved highway, near all the required mining infrastructure and with a processing plant within a thirty minute drive. This explains why I am a firm believer that Atacama will be able to develop a cobalt mine and be very competitive. Check out the attached article regarding Canada's first primary cobalt mine and then compare it to the advantages of Atacama's cobalt project , located right in the center of Canada's well known "cobalt camp". I am Glen  Grant, CEO of  

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