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Gold miners 'laughing' amid best rally in decade as metal surges |

I am an avid newspaper and TV news hound and can not help but to be quite concerned about the current state of the world- economically, politically and socially. We are living in increasingly uncertain times. Pundits are reluctant to speculate about the future with the world being a very complex and ever changing place. What are the trends? Where are we headed? The fast emerging world of Artificial Intelligence and the use of robotics in unnerving for most. The US economy seems to be hot yet wages remain stagnant. Many jobs are part time and  contract work resulting in a very unsure and shaky future. Wars continue in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. China's economy appears to be faltering and the EU is awaiting the effects of Brexit. Investors the world over are looking out for a safe haven to place their money and seem to have found it in GOLD. The old time tested safe place to put your money. This is why I am so pleased that three years ago Atacama's Board of Directors decided to place our gold properties as a major priority for the Company. Plus, the properties are located right in the middle of what is fast becoming a new "Gold Rush" in staking. Miners see the grand success of Kirkland Lake Gold located just down the fault line from Atacama's claims. As the attached article suggests, this should be a good year for those of us in the gold business. I an Glen  Grant, CEO of 

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Glenn Grant