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Investors are often contacting me with questions about the different kinds of evidence I mention in my Ramblings about the gold on Atacama's three different gold properties. One piece of evidence has always intrigued me. While little hard information is available, for obvious reasons (it happened back in 1934), I have always thought that this is the best piece of evidence existing today that suggests that we have very high values of gold in our gold claims. What is it?

 Back in 1934, before geologists and mining engineers, a group of 18 hungry ( remember it was the 30's depression years) men dug what was known as the Cheltonia Mine which today is located on Atacama 1 property. They used traditional mining tools such as hand steel (a chisel - like steel tool struck violently with a sledgehammer) to break up the rock. It was exceedingly demanding and hazardous work to say the least. As a result, most of these types of  dangerous mining operations which were hacked through hard rock inevitably followed a vein of very high grade ore  At the Cheltonia Mine, these tough miners dug for 112 days down  through solid rock and hacked out a 60 foot lateral drift at the 100 foot level.  I am convinced that they would not have placed themselves at such a high risk for their lives if they were not motivated to keep on mining a visible and high value gold vein in the rock.

 With the Great Depression hitting the area, capital dried up and most small mines closed and never reopened including  the Cheltonia Mine.  However, the Mine itself is still there. In fact I have visited the Mine entrance and it is very accessible. Come spring we can pump out the water and check out the likely gold veins once again. Maybe, just maybe, the old Cheltonia Mine may be operating again. If so, a bronze plaque will be in order. I am Glenn grant, CEO of  

Glenn Grant