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From the inquiries I have been receiving there is definitely a growing interest in Atacama's 257 acre  cobalt play.  The grab sample values that I have mentioned in earlier Ramblings often run in excess of 2%. In the cobalt mining world a value less than 1% is considered a low grade deposit, 1 -2 % is a medium deposit and anything over  2% is considered to be a high grade deposit. I am the first to say that we need to do much more work on the site before we can have an accurate assessment of the size and quality of our ground. But we can draw some inferences based on what our neighbouring cobalt explorations companies are finding. We are all working in what is known as THE COBALT CAMP,  located in northern Ontario  and with all the necessary mining infrastructure readily available such as roads, power, personnel, etc. 

I want to mention just two cobalt exploration companies working is the same vicinity as our Atacama cobalt properties. They both have been doing exploration work near our properties. One has announced cobalt values of 2.22%, 3.9%, 5.7% and 6.6% from their properties. Another has announced values of 1.9%, 2.8%, 3.15% and 5.2%.  These are high grade valuations but the extent of the resource has yet to be determined and further exploration work is required. Atacama is located between these two cobalt properties. Will our exploration valuations be similar? Time will tell.  I am Glenn grant, CEO of

Glenn Grant