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You would  simply not believe the number of inquiries I receive regarding the gold values obtained from the  old diamond drill results done on the Atacama 1 gold property. Some of the core intersections came in at six (6) ounces per ton and some even as high as eight (8) ounces per ton.  Some question to the validity of these values. Some even  go on to say "too good to be true". The Atacama 1 property was assembled by local Kirkland Lake prospector Arnold Allsopp. Arnold has lived and worked in the area for fifty years and is a well know and respected prospector who hold memberships in the local Northern Prospectors Club as well as the Ontario Prospectors Club.

 Arnold is good friends with all of the local prospectors and local claim holders. They respect his judgement and the local geological knowledge he possesses. He has a reputation second to none. One day, while out prospecting in the vicinity of his Atacama 1 property he came across a six inch piece of quartz on an old historic gold mine dump. He cracked it open with his geologist's hammer and saw visible gold. He couldn't believe his eyes. He took it to the Swastika Lab to have it assayed and has it on display today with the associated assay certificate and guess what. The value certified was SIXTEEN OUNCES PER TON. Yes, 16 ounces.

How unusual is this you may ask? Well, the global firm of Mining and Mineral Exploration Services compiles the best drill intersections from around the world and then ranks them based on gold grams per ton. Canadian gold company Osisko Mining is the winner so far this year with an intersect value of 2223 grams/ton or about 70 ounces/ton. Canadian gold companies rank eighth in the top ten of the most significant drill intersections found so far this year. The values from some of the other competing gold companies are approx. 32 oz./ton, 28 oz./ton, and 14 oz./ton.

 Hopefully this will place the gold valuations that have been made for Atacama 1 in some perspective.  Our gold valuations are comparable to some of the largest valuations offered by some of the richest and most profitable gold companies in the world.  I am Glenn Grant, CEO of  

Glenn Grant