The demand for cobalt is escalating around the world which is setting the stage for a massive "cobalt rush" never witnessed before. This is clearly predicted in the global consulting firm McKinney's 2019 Global Energy Perspective Report which foresees a two-thirds drop in the cost of electric vehicle battery packs by 2030. The tipping point at which EVs will be cheaper to own than internal combustion engine powered vehicles is forecast to be reached within five years.  This is predicted to occur in China and Europe even faster. 

 Some of the Report's views pertaining to the electrification of the total transport sector makes for some dramatic reading. For example: EV sales will hit a 100 million units by 2035

                 Battery powered cars sales will grow by a factor of 60 through 2050

              By 2035 there will be at least 400 million EVs on the road in China and other developed countries

                 2.4 million charging stations will be deployed every year

All this at the same time that militaries around the world are all switching off depending on their respective electrical grids and becoming self reliant  and using renewable energy sources and electrical storage batteries. Then think of the global switch to solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, etc. energy sources all requiring electrical storage batteries. I could go on and on but you see why a "cobalt rush" is well underway. All these electric storage batteries of the future need cobalt as well as graphite.


Am I excited about future work on Atacama's cobalt and graphite properties? You bet I am.  I am Glenn grant, CEO of  

Glenn Grant