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Today I predict that 2019 will see the beginning of a Diamond Rush (like a gold rush) around our diamond properties . I have previously mentioned in my Ramblings that macro and micro diamonds  have already been recovered right at the surface of Atacama's diamond property, located neat Cobalt, Ontario. During the 1905 silver rush in the area, an 800 carat Nippissing Yellow Diamond was picked up on a property very near our claims. Kimberlite Indicator Mineral grains (KIMs)  are spread all throughout the area. These grains of precious metals are located "down ice' from glaciers scraping over the pipes as they retreated. 


A mining exploration company, very near Atacama's properties,  has just announced their diamond drilling plans on a number of Kimberlite pipes in an effort to find the "mother lode pipe" that the Nippissing Yellow Diamond came from. Once this word gets out you can bet that we will witness a rush of prospectors scouring the area in search of diamonds. I am pleased to inform you that once again we are right in the heart of the action. A good place to begin our own exploration of our already proven diamond properties.  I am Glenn Grant  CEO of   

Glenn Grant