CEO RAMBLINGS - March 18, 2019

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For the past few weeks I have been inundated with requests for information from existing and potential investors about progress being made by Atacama  on the exploration and development of it's gold, cobalt, graphite and other projects. I have always operated on the principle that in business one must be open, transparent and honest , including the world of mining and especially  mining exploration. However, this does pose some challenges and allow me to explain. 

I am the CEO of a public company and any substantive announcement which could have some significance impact on the Company's stock value must FIRST be filed publicly  so everyone is made aware of the announcement at the same time. This is necessary to avoid "insider knowledge" which by definition could benefit someone who has obtained it. Mining exploration firms are especially aware of this as investors seek leverage or seek some advantage.. 

When you are in the field doing geo-physical work, diamond drilling, trenching, seismic work or even grab sampling the information one receives must be held extremely "close to the chest" until the time is right to release the information and then it must be properly filed to avoid any "insider" claims. If word somehow leaks out (remember the term loose lips sinks ships from the last war) about some "hot" mineral find,  inevitably many prospectors and miners will rush in to claim any surrounding land for themselves. This is exactly what happened around our gold and cobalt claims but having anticipated this we claimed much more land than we will  ever require to eventually set up a mining production facility. 

To be more specific, our geology team has uncovered information from a host of sources, including Ontario Government sources that indicate that more that thirty one diamond drill holes were conducted on our gold properties over the past years plus other work.. Unlike today, the information from this drilling/coring was rarely filed with government mining offices for the reasons stated above. But, the information exists in various archives, museum files, core storage sheds, garages, homes etc. We are currently assembling this data to assist Atacama with its future exploration programs.  Eventually I will release this information but I will do so in the accepted and required fashion so as not to advantage any existing or potential investor. I will have much more to say along these lines in future Ramblings. I am Glenn Grant, CEO of   

Glenn Grant