CEO RAMBLINGS - March 19, 2019

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Today I have some clarifications to make and some very encouraging information. In an earlier Ramblings you may remember that I quoted from the Ontario Geological Survey -Circular #18 titled "Gold Deposits of Ontario' where on page 161 it is reported that exploration work had been done on the Todora Mining project over a number of years. Most of the work was kept confidential for the reasons quoted in my last Ramblings, but not all. References were made to high grade copper results as well as to high grade silver results. Cobalt, nickel and vanadium were also discovered on the property which today must I refer to as Atacama #1. The Provincial Government Report also refers to gold values of 11.36 grams/ton and as high as 71.60 grams/ton. You may ask yourself, " how valid are these figures"? 

 In the area surrounding the Atacama#1 property were a number of producing gold mines operating over the years. Their average gold values have all been made public in Government Reports. The AVERAGE  gold values range from 15.22 grams/ton to 16.44, 17.48, 17.60 and so on. These were real gold mines, mining and refining gold and these are the values which they filed. These are the facts. Now the value I quoted above of 71.60 grams per ton is likely on the very high side of the possible average values for gold on the property. However, the average gold value for Atacama #1 certainly could be "similar" to all the gold values coming from all the producing gold mines surrounding Atacama #1.         

A few years ago new diamond drill holes were completed on the property. The drill cores are now available to Atacama for assaying. The driller responsible did say, "These are good looking cores". Just as soon as funds are available this assaying will commence immediately. By the way,  the Mining Intelligence Report informs us that the world's richest underground gold mine operating today - the Fosterville Mine in Australia, has an average gold value of 21.5 grams/ ton. That is the average gold value of the world's richest and most remarkable gold mine today.. You can see why I am so anxious to begin further work on our gold properties just as soon as funding permits.

 Oh, by the way, you likely have heard of the world's leading diamond producer De Beers. They are planning a spring drilling program on property immediately to the south of Atacama #1. Yes, you read this correctly. De Beers. The property is actually adjacent to Atacama #1. It is contiguous to our land. Naturally I will have more to say about this in future Ramblings. Stay tuned, I am Glenn Grant, CEO of 

Glenn Grant