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As Atacama plans for the upcoming mining exploration season would it not be wonderful if we had eyes like Superman so our geologists could have X-ray vision to scope- out all the rock formations and fault lines under our gold claims in order to identify the most valuable mineralized zones?  What if we were able to produce a type of "CAT- scan" that would allow our diamond drillers to focus, to a pin point, the best strategic location to obtain drill cores for assaying and evaluation?  Well, that is exactly what we are going to do.

 I have often mentioned to you  that it has always been a priority for us at Atacama to be bold in our strategic planning and always willing to "think outside the box". Be open to try new techniques and new methods for locating viable mineral resources. Operate on the "cutting edge". Be different than others. This coming exploration season will witness just this kind of dynamic approach.

 Adapting and adopting an exploration  technique that our Atacama geologists have employed  while working in the western Canadian "oil patch" to Atacama's mining properties in northern Ontario will save the Company both time and money. The ability of the Company to determine if a mineral deposit can be developed into a producing mine will be significantly enhanced, Applying a SEISMIC SURVEY PROGRAM, that has been employed in the oil and gas sector for decades, will permit our geology team to virtually investigate, beneath the surface ground, all of the underlay of rock formations.  From the first survey conducted they will be able to SEE all of the rock formations to a depth of at least 500 meters( 1,500 feet) , and even deeper in further surveys, if necessary. Seismic images ( in 3D I might add) will be produced by generating, recording and analyzing sound waves that will travel through the earth (seismic waves). Sounds will generate the waves and a line or grid will record them. The density of the various rock layers and rock types will reflect the waves back to the surface and will generate a clear picture of just where the most mineralized zones are to be  found. Diamond drilling can then be strategically pin pointed to provide the most accurate Information possible regarding the value, extent and economic viability of the mineral in question. 

 As CEO, I must admit that I am proud of our mining team and their willingness to be part of something that I believe may truly revolutionize the way mineral exploration is carried out in the future. We could be on to something very very big.  I am Glenn Grant, CEO of   

Glenn Grant