CEO RAMBLINGS - March 22, 2019


In the Todora Mine Report issued by the Ontario Government that I have spoken about in previous Ramblings there is a reference to the discovery of VANADIUM on the property. In one core it ran for 3.5% over twenty five feet. That is substantial. However, like most people you are likely unaware of this mineral. Let me tell you why I am excited by this information. 

 Vanadium is designated as a "Strategic Mineral" as it is critical to strengthen steel and is used in the development of utility scale electric storage batteries as well as other energy segments.  it is especially critical in the development of many Green Energy systems. just the other day Robert Friedland was quoted saying "We believe that the electrification of the world economy is inevitable. We think a world wide revolution is coming in Vanadium based  batteries that will revolutionize modern electricity grids. There is a reason why the price of Vanadium has increased 346% since January 2017". 

 Today, 95% of the world's vanadium is produced in China, Russia and South Africa. I have not been able to locate any producing vanadium mines in either Canada or the USA. None! Vanadium exploration, spurned on by the spike in pricing and growing awareness of this strategic mineral, is now occurring in Nevada and in Utah and most parts of Canada. Atacama has proven vanadium on its properties and we must explore further. If you as a current shareholder or anticipating being one, and wish to be part of this exciting Vanadium exploration initiative give me a call. Lets talk about how you can be involved. I am Glenn Grant, CEO of  

Glenn Grant