Board Charter


Board Charter

The Atacama Resources International Board of Directors shall serve as the ACRL corporate conscience and shall provide strategic leadership and direction to assure the ongoing financial health of the Corporation. To fulfill these governance roles, the Board shall be accountable to the ACRL shareholders for performance of the following duties: 


Corporate Conscience


Articulate, review, renew and communicate the ACRL core values and include them as criteria when making decisions at Board level.

Set high-level values-based philosophy, policy and guidance regarding personnel treatment and management, including:

  • Business Ethics
  • Personnel Management Ethics
  • Employee Safety and Health
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Performance Management
  • All-directional Open Communications

Set high-level philosophy, policy and guidance for ACRL relationships with its various communities, including:

  • Charitable and philanthropic gifts
  • Employee participation in community improvement and philanthropic organizations
  • Employee participation in industry associations and lobbyist efforts

Strategic LeadersHIP


We develop, update and communicate the ACRL Vision, Mission and Strategic Direction Goals – all consistent with the ACRL Core Values.

We establish clear criteria to be used in Board and ACRL Management decision making about proposed existing business expansions and for new business ventures.

We provide guidance to help ACRL develop and maintain a positive, strong image in the marketplace.



We sponsor organizational change and development initiatives for maintaining ACRL strength and viability to meet new challenges.

We  review and oversee proposed succession plans to assure a strong executive management team is in place to manage and lead ACRL’s growth



Provide oversight to assure ACRL’s fiscal health over time, including:


Sponsor external audits and select external auditors. Review and approve audit reports. Initiate corrective action through the CEO, COO and CFO, when required.

  • Review and approve the quarterly financial reports.
  • Review and recommend approval of ACRL Business Plans.
  •  Determine the equitable and fiscally responsible distribution of annual profits, including:
    • Profit sharing among owners
    • Profit sharing with employees  
  • Assure that any exchange, sale or issuance for sale of ACRL stock is done as per applicable rules and laws.
  • Develop and maintain criteria to guide ACRL risk management decisions.
  • Develop ACRL compensation philosophy, policy and overall programs.
  • Determine Executive Management compensation plans
  • Determine honoraria and expense compensation for non-employee members of the ACRL Board of Directors.