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Atacama Resources International’s commitment to diverse businesses requires an organization structure that enables effective management of each business. The structure must also provide for efficient use of financial resources and simplified governance. There is one overall Board of Directors. The Presidents of the Parent Company and each subsidiary company are directly accountable to the Board.




Starting up and growing new businesses requires big picture and specific guidance. We have assembled a group of advisors to provide this guidance. We are fortunate to have these highly-qualified people on our team. Each brings a unique perspective and set of experienced skills to our business ventures.


Arnold Allsopp

Arnold Allsopp, representing the Allsopp Mine in the greater Kirkland Lake region has contracted with Atacama Resources International to explore and develop mines on the Allsopp mine site. Other minerals of interest will be explored as well. Allsopp spent 13 years working for Teck-Hughes Gold Mines, acquired experience in all phases of gold processing including becoming a Ball Mill Operator and Solution Operator. Mr. Allsopp worked for 2 years as a parts official for Chrysler Canada and worked for Alcan Aluminum in the Extrusion Department as lead shipper. He also received a prospecting license in 1974 and became a partner with Mining Graduate and staked the Eby-Otto Twp. Property. Very active in the Prospectors Association Chapter in Kirkland Lake, Arnold has the intimate knowledge of the Atacama mining properties that will be helpful to ACRL as the exploration and development process moves ahead toward a full scale mining operation.

Brian Kistler 

Mr. Kistler has extensive work history in the financial services industry. He began working at the securities firm Edward Jones in 1987 and over five (5) years increased his assets under management to $45 million dollars. Mr. Kistler then joined Linsco/Private Ledger in 1992, an independent broker/dealer firm, where he worked as an independent contractor. In 1994 he was recruited by broker/dealer Hilliard Lyons to develop the northeast area of Indiana. During his time at Hilliard/Lyons, Mr. Kistler had assets under management of nearly $100 million dollars. In 1999 Mr. Kistler was hired by Raymond James and Associates to manage their recently acquired Fort Wayne, Indiana office. Subsequently, he became the manager of nine (9) Raymond James offices in Indiana. Mr. Kistler's responsibilities included managing fifty-three employees with client assets under management in excess of one billion dollars. 

Trevor Muir

CEO of Surepoint Technologies Group - Senior Operations Executive with extensive experience in the instrumentation, electrical and mechanical fields as a 27 year veteran in the oil and gas industry. Maintains a proven track record of maximizing operational efficiencies by focusing on a culture of constant improving overall safety performance, quality standards, profitable growth and operational improvement. NAIT-Instrumentation Mechanic.