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Atacama Resources International’s commitment to diverse businesses requires an organization structure that enables effective management of each business. The structure must also provide for efficient use of financial resources and simplified governance. There is one overall Board of Directors. The Presidents of the Parent Company and each subsidiary company are directly accountable to the Board.



Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team is comprised of ACRL Corporate Officers. This team links the parent company with each of its subsidiary companies to assure efficient use of financial resources, design and implementation of overall corporate business strategies, and corporate level problem/opportunity resolution.


Glenn Grant – President / CEO

Mr. Grant has over 35 years of project management experience in the oil and gas sector as well as the mining and natural resources industries in Canada, the United States and abroad. During this time, he has overseen many large scale development projects for international and Fortune 500 resource companies, and routinely managed budgets exceeding $30 million. He is currently President of Bower Solutions Ltd., an oil field services project management company based in Alberta, Canada.

Throughout his career as a project manager, Mr. Grant has directly managed teams of more than 200 people, while developing and refining his expertise in budgeting, operations management and scheduling, cost estimating and control, dispute resolution and personnel management. Additionally, he has applied his experience and strong interpersonal skills towards First Nations mediation in the Northern Canadian territories and managed sensitive projects in the Czech Republic for Gulf Oil Ltd. and in India for Niko Resources Inc.

Mr. Grant's previous positions and assignments include successful projects with Penn West Energy Trust, Husky Energy, AMOCO, Tarragon Oil & Gas Ltd., Royal Trust Energy Corporation, Chevron Canada and Petro Canada Inc. His entrepreneurial activities further include former ownership of an agricultural machinery dealership, large farming operation and an oilfield equipment sales company. Mr. Grant holds a degree in Construction Engineering.  ggrant@acrlintl.com



Daniel Finch – Vice President -  COO / CFO

Dan Finch has started, managed and grown companies for over 30 years. He was the founding president of Westell, Inc. and left the company after seven years when annual sales hit $20 million. Later, as president of C-COR Electronics, Mr. Finch grew the company from $65 million to $135 million and the stock price went from $4.50 to $55.00 during his three years as president. Following this, Mr. Finch was Vice President for DSC in Texas where he managed over 200 employees and oversaw sales of $350 million. While in Dallas, he owned and managed a Management Recruiters operation with revenue exceeding $1,000,000 per year.

Mr. Finch serves on the boards of several energy related companies. He received his MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.  dfinch@acrlintl.com


Allan Flasch.jpg

Allan Flasch – Director of Communications/DOM

Allan Flasch has spent virtually his entire working career in municipal engineering and oil/gas technology. Throughout this time, he has mentored many others involved in these same fields. Marketing new technology continues to be of vital importance to Mr. Flasch, expanding on his previous involvement in GPS electronics. Mr. Flasch's years of experience has enabled him to communicate proficiently on all levels. As an engineering technologist with a strong background in computer software in both Civil Design and the Computer Science industry, Mr. Flasch is dedicated to mentoring younger, less experienced technologists better understand technology and increase their productivity. aflasch@acrlintl.com