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Atacama Resources International, Inc. (OTCQB: ACRL) is a public US Corporation and parent company of two high potential businesses. We were formed to acquire, develop, and attain strategic opportunities worldwide. 

Committed to a diversified portfolio of development, products and services, we have two business focuses - mining exploration as well as a mobile app that will make highways safer.


Currently centered in Ontario, our mining business focuses on exploration and development of gold, diamonds, cobalt, graphite, copper and iron. A wholly-owned Alberta Corporation, Atacama Resources International, Ltd has been formed to manage this business.

The Good2Drive mobile app business features wholly-owned proprietary interactive software that, when downloaded to a mobile device, enables the user to determine his or her level of cognitive awareness. In other words – it determines if the individual is able to operate a vehicle or equipment safely. The applications for this technology are endless. A wholly-owned Florida Corporation, Good2Drive, Inc has been formed to manage and grow this business.

Two very different base businesses, the business plans and operations are intentionally separated to maintain a strong focus on each unique enterprise. However, the financial needs and contributions of each business are blended in the parent company to assure the greatest return on ACRL shareholder investment.

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Since inception, ACRL has taken a holistic approach to its businesses. We know that any successful sustained business requires more than just structure, money and management. It must adhere to governance guidelines in all its actions. Look though these governance documents and you will glimpse the soul of our company.  


BY-LAWS – The ACRL Corporate By-Laws are available for viewing upon written request to the Corporate Secretary. Click here to send your request to Dan Finch, Corporate Secretary.



On the frontier of two exciting businesses, these are exciting times. As a new or experienced investor, you know that any investment entails a risk-reward decision on your part. We're here to offer honest, straight-forward information - backed by facts. You can count on us for that.

We are currently engaged in two very different businesses – mining exploration and applied technology, which each have their own inherent risks and potential rewards.Traditional mining exploration risks are well known, as a lot of money goes in to the ground and it takes many years for a payout. Meanwhile the balance sheet shows a lot of red ink and no cash flow. We have a business model designed to offset these risks by using our high-tech business to generate early and steady cash flow – some of which will be dedicated to the mining business until it pays off for investors. The upside reward for the mining exploration business we are in – gold, diamonds, cobalt, graphite, copper and iron – can be very high depending on mine yields and market demands, which are all moving parts. Our job is to maintain a close watch on these parts, make decisions to place the company in the best possible high return position and to keep our investors informed about all of this on a regular and timely basis. Click below to learn more.



High tech businesses have their own unique histories. The key to success in this field has been to get into the market early or first with a unique, proprietary product and then market it and sell it with a passion. We have the proprietary product in Good2Drive and believe it will fill a critical need to help individuals, insurance companies, businesses and law enforcement agencies determine a person’s fitness to safely operate all sorts of public and private vehicles. The application possibilities are enormous and new versions and related products are on the near horizon. We are committed to keep our investors fully informed as this product buds and blooms in the North American “safety markets.”


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Atacama Resources International, Inc. is a Florida Corporation