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A smart app for smart drivers.

Good2Drive is a smartphone app that measures your cognitive ability through a 60 to 90 second test. Once you take the test, it analyzes the results and tells you if you’re good to drive or not. Even if you haven’t had a drink, the test will tell you if are too tired to be behind the wheel. 

Good2Drive is there to make the roads safer for all by making sure only those alert enough, get behind the wheel. You can download Good2Drive for free from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store today.

Just download the app and you’re Good2Drive. Here’s how it works:

  • The app will display a series of pics
  • When a pic is repeated, click on the image as soon as possible
  • The app then measures your reaction time

There’s also a parental notification option, which will automatically send results to parents. A future option has also been built into the app, which will disable the vehicle if test results are low and connect to Lyft or Uber if a ride home is needed.



Dan Finch - President
1200 South Pine Island Road
Plantation, Florida 33324

Good2Drive, Inc. is a wholly owned Florida Corporation