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A smart app for smart drivers.

Good2Drive is a smartphone app that measures your cognitive ability through a 60 to 90 second test. Once you take the test, it analyzes the results and tells you if you’re good to drive or not. Even if you haven’t had a drink, the test will tell you if are too tired to be behind the wheel. 

Just download the app and you’re Good2Drive. Here’s how it works:

  • The app will display a series of pics
  • When a pic is repeated, click on the image as soon as possible
  • The app then measures your reaction time

There’s also a parental notification option, which will automatically send results to parents. A future option has also been built into the app, which will disable the vehicle if test results are low and connect to Lyft or Uber if a ride home is needed.



Dan Finch - President
1200 South Pine Island Road
Plantation, Florida 33324

Good2Drive, Inc. is a wholly owned Florida Corporation