Graphite has recently been categorized as a crucial strategic mineral by several governments including the United States and the European Union. The reasons? Anticipated major increases in demand for graphite and an inadequate supply – particularly in North America. Why a forecasted increased demand? Graphite is used in many energy-related applications such as electric vehicles, Pebble Bed nuclear reactors, fuel cells, solar panels energy storage, photovoltaics and many electronics including smartphones and laptops. Graphite is an essential yet unrecognized material for our future economy and way of life. For instance, it is the source of graphene which the Huffington Post has noted will "change the world" as the "new plastic". Graphite is essential to North American economy, defence, technological innovation, for manufacturing and for food supply chains. 

Graphite supply raises concerns and contributes to the “strategic” label placed on this sought -after mineral. The Western world is nearly totally dependent on foreign sources of graphite and is thus extremely vulnerable to supply disruptions. Consider this. At least 70% of global supply presently comes from China. China is now stockpiling 80% of its production.  It appears there are NO producing graphite mines in all North America. With world-wide demand for graphite growing it is projected that 25 new graphite mines will be needed by 2020.  The Tesla "mega factory” in Nevada alone will require four to six new graphite mines. Tesla wants this battery factory to get its graphite from North American suppliers. The US military has stated that it wishes to be totally off the electrical grid and be self-sufficient as soon as possible. This alone will significantly enlarge the demand for energy storage, transport batteries as well as batteries to drive all the electronics currently found on every combat soldier.

Atacama has two graphite properties at present. Its Coronation Graphite project is located just 60 kilometers west of Ottawa. The Company's Mystery Graphite Project, located in the Kemp & Kelvin Twps, Larder Lake Mining Division in Ontario, Canada. Both properties show good promise for producing mines. Another company is building a graphite processing plant close to Atacama’s properties. This bodes well for future cost and time savings.

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ATACAMA (09) Mystery Graphite


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The Company's Mystery Graphite Project, has preliminary exploration work completed which will be released to the public later this year. 2.5% graphite found over 10 feet. 5% graphite and 34.4% sulphides found over 7 feet with ¼ inch. A Graphite Processing Plant is currently being constructed in close proximity to both of Atacama's graphite projects which would reduce both costs and time towards a production date. 

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