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From the very beginning of Atacama, I was determined, as were the other founders, to do things differently. We wanted to appeal to traditional mining investors but also to others beyond the usual mining investor types.  I wanted to attract a new set of investors who were looking for new approaches to the mining sector. People who were prepared to look "out side the normal box". Investors open to unorthodox approaches. This explains why Atacama holds properties of DIAMONDS, COBALT, GRAPHITE and GOLD.  Diamond ground explains itself. There are no diamond mines in the USA and only a few in the distant far north of Canada. Cobalt and graphite have been designated as STRATEGIC MINERALS by the US Government and by the European Union because of the role they will play in the immediate future. Gold properties were selected by the Company simply because they were located on the same fault break as that of the most  valuable gold mine in the world.  Also, Atacama is committed to location, location, location.

It is well known that most mines are located in the middle of nowhere. The promising deposits are most often in very remote locations which make them very costly to develop.  Canada's diamond mines are all located in very remote areas (most near the Arctic Circle) with no road access, no power, no employee base and pitch dark for much of the year. Not easy locations to develop in to operating mines.

All Atacama properties-diamond-graphite-gold-cobalt are strategically located. Atacama could have selected all sorts of mineral properties but if they are located where development costs are prohibitive and therefore unlikely to be developed into producing mines, why bother.  All Atacama properties are accessible by existing highways or roads. Electrical power is available to all sites. Rail service and airports are nearby. Water is existing on all sites in support of drilling. Five mining communities are within a fifty minute drive to provide necessary personnel and assay services.  All infrastructure to develop a mine is available locally. This concept of "Ease to Develop" has been foremost in Atacama's decision making.  To make my point," You can order a pizza for delivery to the mine site" for each of our properties. Few other mining companies could make a similar claim.

Our success is rooted in our people and the possibilities we've created. The founders and management team came together with successful backgrounds as business entrepreneurs, CEO’s of mature companies, elected government officials and mining experts. This diversity enriched the perspective and dialogue as new opportunities and businesses were discovered and created.


While starting up ACR,  this diverse group remained true to several important beliefs:

  • Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business

  • Be unique and radically different to differentiate yourself

  • Stay flexible and nimble to match the changing needs of the markets

  • Have a plan and execute it passionately

  • Don’t outgrow your real capabilities and resources

Business decisions based on these philosophies have driven our mining exploration business.

As the ACRL businesses grow, the company is adding expert resources to manage them while keeping a sharp eye on capital and operating expenses – and adhering to the founding team’s success factors.


Atacama Resources International, Inc. (OTC:ACRL) is a public US Corporation committed to a diversified portfolio of developments, products and services that fall within the expertise of the executive team.

The company's initial line of business is a combination of mining, acquisition and development of mining interests in the Kirkland Lake region of Ontario, Canada where activity is proceeding well.



Parent Company


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Board of Directors

 - Director / Chairman -
Don Swartz

- President / CEO -
Glenn Grant

- Vice President / COO / CFO
Dan Finch

- Director of Communications / DOM
Allan Flasch

Executive Leadership Team

- President / CEO -
Glenn Grant

- Vice President / COO / CFO
Dan Finch

- Director of Operations-
Allan Flasch

Legal & Accounting

- SEC Legal -
JM Walker & Associates  

- Canadian Corp Lawyer- 
Ramsay Law

- Corporate Accounting Firm -
BDO Accounting

Transfer Agent -
Signature Stock Transfer


Mining – Team

- President -
Glenn Grant

- Chief Financial Officer -
Dan Finch

- Director of Mining Operations -
Fred Gingras

- Geologists -
David Jackson Bruce Fox